Zombies in Space - Devlog #1

My name is Dan Lautzenheiser, and I am the sole developer on this game. I am doing all of the gameplay, art, music and sound design. I am a software developer by trade, and I have been making this game in my spare time for about 6 months now. This is not the first game I have created, but its the first one that I consider any good. The game has gone through a few different iterations, starting out as a open world, voxel style, multiplayer game, but that idea proved too time consuming and complex to reasonably get released anytime in the next couple of years by myself. Over the summer I got really burnt out working on it due to all of the engine and tool development I had to do, so I took about 2 months off to rethink the approach. In September, I decided to switch to my current metrovania style approach, and have been running with it ever since. My main goal is to create a demo level, that will be mostly feature complete, by the end of January. I will make the demo available on Itch.io when it is ready.

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