Zombies in Space - Devlog 2 - Melee, jumping and zombies

My name is Dan Lautzenheiser. I am the creator of Zombies in Space, a 2d, sci-fi, metroidvania style shooter.

This week has been focused on tightening up the player controls and adding the last major part of combat, melee. Both of these I deemed necessary before I take the next big leap (hopefully this next) of crafting the first boss fight of the game.

The main focus for the player controls was to focus in on the core elements: running and jumping. Jumping in particular needed and received a lot of love this week, moving from a technically accurate jump (as per physics) to one that felt much more responsive and fun to play with.

Next week's focus will be on completing the boss sprite conversion from 16 bit to 32 bit, then crafting the first playable version of that boss fight.

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